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PKR Bonus Codes

PKR Rakeback Bonus Codes

PKR BonusAs a new player when you join PKR Poker through our website using one of our exclusive PKR Poker Bonus Codes you will be entitled to receive a free bonus of 100% up to $800 just for joining  When you use our cool PKR Bonus Code, you will be guaranteed the maximum welcome bonus at the PKR poker room.  All you need to do to claim your free bonus is use one of the many bonus codes seen below when creating your account and depositing.  By doing this, the promotions will automatically be attach to your account and will be credited upon your first successful deposit.  If you are ready to visit PKR now, simply sign-up through the link below and enter your chosen bonus code to start playing.   

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PKR Deposit Bonus Codes

In addition to our 100% up to $2000 deposit bonus at PKR, we also offer a number of other bonus codes designed for a wide range of deposits at PKR Poker which all include RAKEBACK!!!  Most bonus sites just give you the bonus, but we give you 30% of all the rake you generate there back to you!  Some PKR players prefer these deposits over the $2000 because they are easier to clear if you are depositing a smaller amount.  Below are some of the popular PKR Codes for new depositing players.

Bonus Offer PKR Bonus Code Claim Bonus
100% up to $800 (BEST OFFER) PK800 Get This Bonus

***Special conditions apply for this bonus.  See our PKR Rakeback Site for more information.
If you are thinking of going for the maximum bonus at PKR using bonus code 2KRakeback and are planning on making the $2000 deposit to get the full bonus, be advised that you need to contact PKR directly before you deposit so that they can activate this bonus by increasing the deposit limits on your account.

Please note that bonuses are deducted from rakeback in the month that they are cleared.


Clearing The PKR Bonuses

Once you have selected your signup bonus at PKR Poker, you will need to play in ring games and tournaments in order to release the bonus into your real money player account.  The player point requirements on PKR depend on the bonus you choose however generally you will need to earn around 200 points per $1 in bonus money.  This might sound high but at PKR you can earn up to 300 points in a single hand.  For ring games, points are calculated based on the rake you contribute divided by the total number of players at the table.  For tournament play, you will earn 100 PKR Points for each $1 paid in tournament fees.  As you earn these points while playing, you bonus will be released into your real money account at which point you are free to play with it as you wish.

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback simply means that will receive a percentage of all money you generate for the site in rake paid back to you.  Poker Sites rely on the rake (which is a small % of money taken from every pot played) to make money.  By receiving rakeback you simply get some of the money that you are playing back.  This is usually reserved for VIP players, but since we have developed such a close relationship with PKR, we are able to offer this to anyone!

PKR was the first online poker site to launch a fully 3D poker room that effectively reporduces all aspects of live play.  With this innovation, PKR was an instant success as its differentiation in both features and software gained the interest of thousands of poker players around the globe.  Some of the best features of becoming a PKR Poker player include fully customizable 3D avatars that represent you at the tables as well as the ability to make your players react to confuse or tilt your opponents.  In addition to the great software, PKR also offers some of the most comprehensive sign-up bonuses around which are exclusive available to visitors visa this page.  Overall, if you enjoy a 3D atmosphere full of features and promotions, PKR Poker is probably a great choice for a poker site to play at.

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